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Cattle: Cattle

For labeled indications:
a) Naxcel®: 1.1 - 2.2 mg/kg IM once daily for 3 treatments; may give additional doses on4th and 5th day if response is not satisfactory. Reconstitute 1 g vial with 20 ml and the 4g vial with 80 ml of either Bacteriostatic Water for Injection or Sterile Water for
Injection. (Package Insert; Naxcel®¯Upjohn)
b) Excenel®: 1.1 - 2.2 mg/kg IM or SQ once daily for 3 treatments; may give additionaldoses on 4th and 5th day if response is not satisfactory. For BRD only: May inject 2.2mg/kg IM or SQ every other day (days 1 and 3; 48 hour interval). Do not inject morethan 15 ml pe IM injection site. (Package Insert; Excenel®¯Pharmacia/Upjohn)

Horses: Horse

For respiratory disease associated with Strep zooepidimicus::
a) Naxcel®: 2.2 - 4.4 mg/kg (2 - 4 ml reconstituted sterile solution per 100 lb. of bodyweight) with a maximum of 10 ml administered per injection site. Repeat treatment at24 hour intervals, continued for 48 hours after symptoms have disappeared. Do notexceed 10 days of treatment. (Package Insert; Naxcel®¯Upjohn)

Dogs: Dog

For susceptible infections:
a) The author has received several anecdotal dosages for this product (Naxcel®) in dogs.
They range from 2.2 mg/kg subQ once daily for 5-14 days for treatment of UTI to 4.4 - 5.5 mg/kg subQ once daily. Until further data confirms the safety and efficacy of thisdrug in dogs (and cats); use with caution. (Plumb)

Reptiles: Reptile

For susceptible infections:
a) For chelonians: 4 mg/kg IM once daily for 2 weeks. Commonly used in respiratoryinfections. (Gauvin 1993)
Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status/Withholding Times - Veterinary-Approved Products:
Ceftiofur Sodium Powder for Injection 1 g, 4 g vials; Naxcel® (Pharmacia&Upjohn); (Rx)
Approved for use in cat le and horses. No slaughter withdrawal or milk withholding time arerequired when administered as labeled.
Ceftiofur HCl Suspension for Injection 50 mg(of ceftiofur)/ml in 100 ml vials; Excenel®(Pharmacia&Upjohn); (Rx). Approved for use in cattle. Slaughter withdrawal=48 hours; nomilk withholding time required when administered as labeled.
Human-Approved Products: None
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