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Is your cat sad?

Is your cat sad?The main signs that indicate that your cat is in a bad moodThe cat has its own personality. Cats have different social behaviors just like people. Some are easier to socialize, some are more difficult. But if your social cat suddenly becomes unusually withdrawn and quiet, then you have reason to be... ↪ Read more

All information about dog crates and cages. What do you need to know?

All information about dog crates and cages. What do you need to know?Many people argue about how useful dog cages and crates really are. Pet owners sometimes don't see the point of these things, and some are even adamantly against them. Some of them say as if such cages can somehow wiggle on your pet's mental health. How right can they be? It all depends on some... ↪ Read more

Cat dental cleaning

Cat dental cleaningAnimal teeth also need care just as much as human teeth. But many people are not used to thinking about it. If your pet chews its toys, that's fine, but sometimes it's not enough to keep your pet completely safe from dental problems. If you know how to take care of your cat's teeth, it will be... ↪ Read more

How to get rid of bad behavior in a dog (digging, biting, chewing)

How to get rid of bad behavior in a dog (digging, biting, chewing)A dog can be your most faithful and best friend. And that will be exactly until he starts chewing your favorite cuddle, or generally misbehaving. You may have already gathered your courage and are about to punish your beloved pet for some misstep, but your heart begins to melt when you look into... ↪ Read more

Your rabbit has lost his appetite. What to do?

Your rabbit has lost his appetite. What to do?House rabbits like to chew on almost anything they can get their hands on. That's why if your rabbit has lost his appetite, you are beginning to have some worries. If your other pet has refused to eat, it won't seem like anything serious, but if it's a rabbit, the situation can be really unpleasant.... ↪ Read more

How choosing your new cat

How choosing your new catCats make great companions - they are cute, fluffy, funny and give great hugs. Everyone should be able to enjoy owning a cat, but before you get your first cat there are a few things to consider.First, there is the time commitment. Many cats can live up to 20 years, so consider your lifestyle and... ↪ Read more

How choosing your new dog

How choosing your new dogWith so many breeds suited to different lifestyles, your homework will pay off when it comes to housing a new dog.Dogs really are the best friends you could ever have. They have amazing individual personalities, they will quickly become part of your family and love you unconditionally.The presence... ↪ Read more

Pay attention to your pet's teeth to prevent deadly diseases

Pay attention to your pet's teeth to prevent deadly diseasesNational Pet Dental Health month, celebrated every February, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of oral health for pets. In addition to bad breath, poor oral health can contribute to damage to the teeth and gums and periodontal disease, which can negatively impact the kidneys,... ↪ Read more

How can you improve your cat's Life

How can you improve your cat's LifeThe leading cause of death for cats is euthanasia. This is due to unacceptable behavior in the household. This includes behaviors such as fighting, destroying furniture with claws, and inappropriate urination and defecation. When these behaviors become unacceptable, the cat is either put outside or... ↪ Read more

Minimizing Stress In Cats

Minimizing Stress In CatsCats are interesting creatures when it comes to their social life. They are very sensitive to stress, especially in households with more than one cat. This stress can cause a chronic disease, especially of the urinary tract.There is even speculation that excessive stress causes a "Pandora Syndrome"... ↪ Read more

People are really getting to know their pets at home during quarantine, poll says

People are really getting to know their pets at home during quarantine, poll saysOne of the major benefits of spending more time at home: Infinitely more time with our pets.And it looks like all that time is paying off in the pet-owner relationship. A survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners found that seven out of 10 pet parents feel they know their animals more.As a pet owner... ↪ Read more

COVID-19 hits U.S. mink farms after ripping through Europe

COVID-19 hits U.S. mink farms after ripping through EuropeCOVID-19 has now struck mink farms in the United States, too. Yesterday, roughly 10 days after farmers in Utah reported a rash of mink deaths, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed the SARS-CoV-2 virus had infected the weasellike mammals, which are raised for their fur.Infections of... ↪ Read more

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Packed cell volume (PCV, hematocrit) Reflex ovulator Microfilaricide Bronchodilator Mucolytic Hematocrit Glucocorticoid Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) ↪ All veterinary diagnose

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Bradycardia Bronchiole Bronchodilator Bronchospasm BUN Cachexia Calcified Calorie

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Aspen Iodine Teat Dip Pirsue® Sterile Solution (Pirlimycin hydrochloride) ASPIRIN POWDER QUEST® GEL (moxidectin) Veraflox™ (pradofloxacin) Oral Suspension for Cats25 mg/mLDo not use in dogs.Federal law prohibits the extralabel use of this drug in food-producing animals. Aspen Premium Dip BARRIER® Wound Care Spray With Pain Relief Ecodyne

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Subalbinotic Steatis Uteroverdin Paradoxical CSF acidosis Ovariohysterectomy Abrev OVH Nerve root signature Dacryocystorhinography Urodeum ↪ All veterinary term

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