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People are really getting to know their pets at home during quarantine, poll says

People are really getting to know their pets at home during quarantine, poll saysOne of the major benefits of spending more time at home: Infinitely more time with our pets.And it looks like all that time is paying off in the pet-owner relationship. A survey of 2,000 cat and dog owners found that seven out of 10 pet parents feel they know their animals more.As a pet owner... ↪ Read more

COVID-19 hits U.S. mink farms after ripping through Europe

COVID-19 hits U.S. mink farms after ripping through EuropeCOVID-19 has now struck mink farms in the United States, too. Yesterday, roughly 10 days after farmers in Utah reported a rash of mink deaths, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed the SARS-CoV-2 virus had infected the weasellike mammals, which are raised for their fur.Infections of... ↪ Read more

Cut Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Your Indoor Cat’s Comfort

Cut Cooling Costs Without Sacrificing Your Indoor Cat’s ComfortDuring the hot summer months, it goes without saying that you need to take precautions for your outdoor pets to protect them from heat stroke and other heat related problems, but even indoor cats require special attention, especially if you’re trying to save on cooling costs by turning the air... ↪ Read more

Our dogs are becoming `overly bonded`. Time to start separating

Our dogs are becoming `overly bonded`. Time to start separatingIt's been months since many of us started working at home, which means it's been months of our dogs living in their own personal heaven. Company at all hours, unlimited pets, maybe even increased walks around the neighborhood. My dog has been in paradise."Dogs are becoming 'overly bonded,' which... ↪ Read more

What`s the weirdest food your pet can`t get enough of?

What`s the weirdest food your pet can`t get enough of?Earlier this week, Aimee Levitt shared an illuminating study that found the majority of pets do not subsist on pet food alone. Anyone who is shocked by this has not been around a dog, cat, or guinea pig for more than five minutes in their entire lives. We love our animals, and love is often... ↪ Read more

How to Help Your Cat Cope with Thunderstorms

How to Help Your Cat Cope with ThunderstormsThunderstorms can be extremely stressful for cats. While cats may not show their fear in quite the same way as dogs (in severe cases of thunderstorm anxiety, panicking dogs have been known to destroy furniture, jump through windows or otherwise harm themselves during storms,) they may still... ↪ Read more

Quarantine the cat? Disinfect the dog? The latest advice about the coronavirus and your pets

Quarantine the cat? Disinfect the dog? The latest advice about the coronavirus and your petsWhen a Pomeranian in Hong Kong tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 last week, pets quickly became part of the coronavirus conversation. The case raised the alarming possibility that pets could become part of the transmission chain for the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, which could... ↪ Read more

Can my dog or cat catch viruses?

Can my dog or cat catch viruses?Can pets contract coronavirus and if so can they spread it to other animals or to humans?What is the evidence?Cats can catch flu from humans and some have caught the Covid-19 virus.And this has been backed up by laboratory evidence.There have also been isolated cases of dogs testing positive for the... ↪ Read more

Astonishing Info Regarding Glass Dog Door Exposed

Astonishing Info Regarding Glass Dog Door ExposedDog entry doors are extremely convenient to have as soon as your dog can be out and you simply might not be home to let her or him out. In case you solve you don’t want or probably want your dog door ever again, you’d have to change out your complete front door to remove it. Regardless of which... ↪ Read more

Lyme disease moving north

Lyme disease moving northOn top of being an enormous health hazard to humans, Lyme disease can harm dogs, causing lameness, fever and lethargy. It's carried primarily by the blacklegged tick, or deer tick, in the Northeast and the western blacklegged tick in the South.Both are on the move."With Ixodes (blacklegged ticks)... ↪ Read more

Heartworm cases on the rise

Heartworm cases on the riseDog owners have to do more to keep their dogs protected against heartworms. The parasitic worms calledDirofilaria immitis are spread through the bite of a mosquito that carries them in a larval state.It is an especially grisly disease. Once a dog is infected with the larva, it can grow into a... ↪ Read more

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is spreading

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is spreadingThat means more dog owners have to pay attention to illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, a disease carried by ticks that can sicken and even kill humans and their canine companions.The bacteria initially invades the bloodstream, then settles into the cells that line blood vessels. Blood... ↪ Read more

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Packed cell volume (PCV, hematocrit) Reflex ovulator Microfilaricide Bronchodilator Glucocorticoid Mucolytic Hematocrit Monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) ↪ All veterinary diagnose

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Meal Megacolon Melena (Immunologic) Memory Metabolic acidosis Metastatis Methemoglobinemia Microfilaria

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Craig Road Animal Hospital Colorado State University VCA Welborn Animal Hospital Animal Emergency Clinic of Deerfield Beach Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital Fort Wainwright Veterinary Treatment Facility / AKDVC VCA Paradise Valley Emergency Animal Hospital Hollywood Animal Hospital PA-Referral ↪ All veterinary clinics

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VCA Rosebank Animal Hospital VCA South Shore Animal Hospital Dongan Hills Veterinary Practice Summit Dog and Cat Hospital Leo's Pet Care Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic VCA Becker Animal Hospital Milton Animal Hospital

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Earoxide™ PET EAR CLEANSER AL Laboratories OXY - CARE ll AL Laboratories IR DIP 502 Opticlear™ AL Laboratories IR DIP 10 AL Laboratories OXY - CARE 502 Aspen 10 - SANS 110 PREMIUM CHG

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Subalbinotic Steatis Uteroverdin Paradoxical CSF acidosis Ovariohysterectomy Abrev OVH Nerve root signature Flow sheets Urodeum ↪ All veterinary term

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Sow Spasticity Specific pathogen free Speculum Blood horse Blood pressure Bloodline Bloody milk

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