Veterinary Drug Handbook (VDH) is the reference veterinarians turn to when they want an independent source of information on the drugs that are used in veterinary medicine today.

Who are we?

The animal health industry provides value to society by protecting animals and as a consequence, humans, from diseases.

Humans and animals share a fundamental bond, and as animals play an increasingly significant role in our lives, we believe that prevention is better than treatment.

Why is the role?

  • To foster a greater understanding of animal health;
  • Act as a source of information on the benefits of animal health products for animal health and welfare, food and safety and public health.
  • Actively promote the value of research-based medicines developed to the highest standards and authorised according to the regulatory criteria of quality, safety and efficacy.
  • Ensure the availability of all classes of veterinary medicines to the benefit of animal health and welfare, and promote their responsible use.
  • Serving as a reliable resource for up-to-date, factual information regarding important animal health topics and industry news.
  • Provide expertise on emerging diseases and fulfil its role as part of the solution to control these diseases in animals.


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