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For treatment of generalized demodicosis:
a) Long and medium haired dogs should be clipped closely and given a shampoo withmild soap and water prior to first treatment. Topically treat at a concentration of 250ppm (one 10.6 ml bottle of Mitaban® in 2 gallons of warm water, by applying to entireanimal and allowing to air dry. DO not rinse or towel dry. Use a freshly prepareddilution for additional dogs or additional treatments. Repeat every 14 days for 3 - 6treatments (continue until six treatments done or two successive skin scrapingsdemonstrate no live mites. Chronic cases may require additional courses of therapy.(Package Insert - Mitaban®¯Upjohn)
b) For dogs who are only controlled with chronic therapy (as above) and whose ownersaccept the risk of using the drug in an "unlicensed" manner in an attempt for cure:
Owners should be made aware of the risks of therapy and accept them. First, try the 250ppm solution (as above once weekly for 4 weeks. If positive response is seen, continueuntil all mites eradicated (using skin scrapings) and then for an additional 30 days. Ifweekly 250 ppm application fails, a 500 ppm solution may be tried (1 bottle in 1 gallonof water) weekly as above. In dogs failing 500 ppm, 1000 ppm may also be attempted, but likelihood of toxicity increases and the author has no experience using it. If thesemethods fail, the dog is unlikely to be cured using amitraz. (Miller 1992)
c) For dogs not responding to conventional (labeled) therapy: Prepare a 0.125% solutionby diluting 1 ml of the 12.5% commercially available large animal product (Taktic®) in100 ml of water. Clip and bathe with appropriate shampoos once weekly if required.
Using a sponge rub the diluted solution (0.125%) daily onto one-half of the dog's bodyand alternate sides on a daily basis. Air dry. During first week of therapy, keep doghospitalized and observe for adverse effects. Continue therapy for 2 weeks after multipleskin scrapings are negative for mites. Dogs also receive otic therapy with a dilutedsolution of amitraz (1 ml of Tactic in 8.5 ml of mineral oil) every 3 - 7 days unlessirritation develops and one researcher also treats dogs with pododermatitis with dailyfoot soaks of the 0.125% solution. Preliminary results look promising and reportedadverse effects in dogs are low in frequency and mild. Owners accepting this unapproved therapy, must be carefully screened and trained to carefully handle the amitrazsolutions. (Mundell 1994)
For scabies in older puppies and adult dogs:
a) Dilute and treat per label recommendation (see "a" above for demodicosis) for 3treatments. (Moriello 1992)
For demodectic mange:
a) 10.6 ml of amitraz solution (19.9%¯Mitaban®) in 2 gallons of water. Use as a wholebody dip; repeat every 14 days for 2-3 treatments. (Rosser 1993)
Client Information - Amitraz liquid (Mitaban®) is flammable until diluted with water. Do notstress animals for at least 24 hours after application of Mitaban®. When mixing with water, protectexposed skin with rubber gloves, etc. Wash hands and arms well after application to animal.
Dispose of unused diluted solution by flushing down the drain. Rinse Mitaban container with waterand dispose; do not re-use. Do not re-use collar or container, wrap in newspaper and throw in trash.
Avoid inhalation of vapors. Animals treated may exhibit signs of sedation; if animal is un-arousableor sedation persists for longer than 72 hours, contact your veterinarian.
Because of amitraz's effects on glucose, human diabetics should use these products with extremecaution.
Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status/Withholding Times - Veterinary-Approved Products:
Amitraz 19.9% Topical Solution for Dilution in 10.6 ml bottles; Mitaban®(Upjohn); (Rx)Amitraz 9% Tick Collar for dogs - 25 inch; Preventic® (Allerderm/Virbac); OTCAmitraz 10% Collar for Dairy Cattle - 7 collars/tray; Taktic Dairy Collar® (Hoechst/Roussel)(OTC); Approved for use in all breeds, all ages, lactating or non-lactating. There are nowithdrawal times required for milk or meat.
Amitraz 12.5% Concentrated Solution for dilution and topical application to swine, dairy or beefcattle in 760 ml cans. Taktic EC®; (Hoechst/Roussel) (OTC)
Human-Approved Products: None

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