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Drug Facts

Autor Name: United Pet Group
Code Source: 24730-803
Route of Administration: TOPICAL


Generic: Hydrocortisone Spray


  • Hydrocortisone Hydrocortisone : Active ingredient - basis of strength - 0.59 g in 118 g
  • Water : Inactive ingredient
  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL : Inactive ingredient
  • PROPYLPARABEN : Inactive ingredient
  • ALOE VERA LEAF : Inactive ingredient
  • METHYLPARABEN : Inactive ingredient
  • DIAZOLIDINYLUREA : Inactive ingredient

Package Description:

  • 118 g in 1 BOTTLE, PLASTIC

0.5% Hydrocortisone Base, U.S.P.

Provides soothing relief from itching caused by inflammation, seborrheic dermatitis, insect bites and other minor skin irritations For use on Dogs and Cats

For animal use only Not for use on animals intended for consumption Clinical and experimental data have demonstrated that corticosteroids administered orally or by injection to animals may induce the first stage of parturition if used during the last trimester of pregnancy and may precipitate premature parturition followed by dystocia, fetal death, retained placenta, and metritis. Additionally, corticosteroids administered to dogs, rabbits, and rodents during pregnancy have resulted in cleft palate in offspring. Corticosteriods administered to dogs during pregnancy have also resulted in other congenial anomalles, including deformed forelegs, phocomella, and anasarca.

Do not use in the eyes or nose Not for prolonged use Do not apply to large areas of the body Do not use where infection(pus) is present, since the drug may allow infection to be spread If redness, irritation, or swelling persists or increases, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.

Apply spray directly to affected skin areas Do not use more than 3-4 times daily

Store at 20C-25C (68F-77F)

Aloe Vera Gel, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Propylparaben, Water..

Excel Hydrocortisone Spray
Relieves Itching
Helps Soothe Skin Irritations
Fast Acting, Long Lasting Relief
With Aloe Vera
NET 4 Fl. oz.

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Drug Facts

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