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Lodoxamine tromethamine is a mast cell stabilizer that inhibits Type Ihypersensitivity responses by preventing antigen mediated histamine release. Lodoxamine stabilizes mastcells by blocking calcium influx into the cell upon antigen recognition, thereby blocking histaminerelease. Lodoxamine has no intrinsic vasoconstrictor, antihistaminic, cyclooxygenase inhibition or otheranti-inflammatory properties. Lodoxamine is used in people for management of conjunctivitis associatedwith seasonal allergy and other histamine mediated disorders. In veterinary medicine, lodoxaminetromethamine has been used in horses and small animal patients with presumed allergic conjunctivitis.Suggested Dosages/Precautions/Adverse Effects - Prior to surgery: One drop 2-4 times daily. Astinging sensation is noted in a low percentage of people using this medication.Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status - Veterinary-Approved Products: None
Human-Approved Products: Lodoxamine Tromethamine 0.1% 10ml; Alomide® (Alcon); (Rx)

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