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Sterile isotonic solutions are used for flushing the nasolacrimal system andfor removing debris from the eye. They are also used to remove excess stain after diagnostic staining ofthe cornea. Sterile lactated Ringer's solution (LRS) is well tolerated by the surface of the eye as is abalanced salt solution (BSS). Extraocular irrigating solutions may contain preservatives. Intraocularirrigating solutions (used during surgical procedures) do not contain preservatives and also containelectrolytes that are required for normal cell function.Suggested Dosages/Precautions/Adverse Effects - Extraocular: Use to flush eye as necessary; controlrate of flow by exerting pressure on bottle. Intraocular: Refer to both established practices for eachsurgical procedure as well as the specific manufacturers' recommendations.Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status - Veterinary-Approved Products:
Eye Rinse® (Butler); (OTC): Contains: water, boric acid, zinc sulfate, glycerin, camphor. Note:
This product is not labeled to be used as an irrigant per se, but as an aid in cleaning the eye andremoving eye stains.

Human-Approved Products:

Common trade name products for extraocular irrigation: AK-Rinse® (Akorn), Blinx® (Pilkington
Barnes Hind), Collyrium for Fresh Eyes Eye Wash® (Wyeth-Ayerst), Dacriose® (Iolab), Eye
Irrigating Solution® (Rugby), Eye-Stream® (Alcon), Eye Wash® (several manufacturers), Eye
Irrigating Wash® (Roberts Hauck), Irrigate Eye Wash® (Optopics), Optigene® (Pfeiffer),
Star-Optic Eye Wash® (Stellar), Visual-Eyes ® (Optopics). All are OTC.
Common trade name products for intraocular irrigation: Note: Most of these products contain
Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) = NaCl 0.64%, KCl 0.075%, CaCl2?2H20 0.048%, MgCl2?6H200.03%, Na acetate trihydrate 0.39%, sodium citrate dihydrate 0.17%, sodium hydroxide and/orhydrochloric acid to adjust pH, and water: Balanced Salt Solution (various manufacturers),
BSS® (Alcon), Iocare Balanced Salt Solution® (Iolab); All are Rx.
BSS + solutions that also contain dextrose, glutathione, bicarbonate, phosphate are also availableas: BSS Plus® (Alcon) and AMO Endosol Extra® (Allergan); All are Rx.

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