Veterinary Drug Handbook (VDH) is the reference veterinarians turn to when they want an independent source of information on the drugs that are used in veterinary medicine today.


Dogs & Cats:

For acute glaucoma:
a) 1 - 2 ml/kg (of 50% solution), may repeat in 8 hours if necessary; withhold water for 30-60 minutes after administration. (Brooks 1986), (Brooks 1990)
b) Dog: 0.6 ml/kg (percentage not specified) PO for 1-2 treatments. (Morgan 1988)
Monitoring Parameters -
  • 1) IOP
  • 2) Urine output
  • 3) Hydration status
    Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status/Withholding Times - Veterinary-Approved Products: None

    Human-Approved Products:

    Glycerin Oral Liquid 50% (0.6 grams of glycerin per ml) in 220 ml bottles; Osmoglyn® (Alcon); (Rx)
    Glycerin is also available in a topical ophthalmic solution and as suppositories or liquid for rectal laxative use.
    Glyceryl Guaiacolate; GG - see Guaifenesin
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