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Chemistry - A phenothiazine derivative, aminopropazine fumarate occurs as a white powder with amelting point of 168°C. One gram is soluble in 11 ml of water; 200 ml of alcohol. 118 mg of thefumarate salt is equivalent to 100 mg of the base.

Storage, Stability, Compatibility

Protect from light and excessive heat.
The injectable solution is colorless to light amber in color. Should marked deviation occur fromthe above color, do not use.


Reportedly, aminopropazine causes smooth muscle relaxation by direct action onthe muscle rather than a neurotropic mechanism. It primarily reduces muscle contractions in the GI,
GU, and respiratory systems. It has little CNS effect (sedation) and does not affect biliary secretion, or exhibit histaminic, sympatholytic or ganglionic blocking actions.

Uses, Indications

Aminopropazine is indicated for: "reducing excessive smooth muscle contractions, such as occur in urethral spasms associated with urolithiasis in cats and dogs, and colicspasms in horses." (Package insert, Jenotone®¯Coopers)


No pharmacokinetic information was located for this agent.
Contraindications/Precautions - The intravenous route is not recommended in patients withhistory of severe cardiac, renal or hepatic disease and the oral form of the drug should be used verycautiously in these patients.
The parenteral preparation should be given IV slowly or into a large muscle mass IM (avoid IMinjections near nerves). Avoid extravascular injections and do not give subcutaneously. See Drug
Interactions for more information.

Adverse Effects, Warnings

Mild tranquilization or hyperexcitability are listed as possible sideeffects by the manufacturer.
Overdosage - No specific information was located for this agent. It is suggested that standardoverdose procedures be followed, including emptying the gut after oral ingestion if possible andtreating supportively. Do not give epinephrine for hypotension (use either phenylephrine ornorepinephrine if sympathomimetic pressor agents are indicated).

Drug Interactions

Aminopropazine should not be given within one month of worming with anorganophosphate agent as their effects may be potentiated. Other CNS depressant agents(barbiturates, narcotics, anesthetics, etc.) may cause additive CNS depression if used withaminopropazine.
Quinidine when given with phenothiazines may cause additive cardiac depression.
Antidiarrheal mixtures (e.g., Kaolin/pectin, bismuth subsalicylate mixtures) and antacids maycause reduced GI absorption of oral phenothiazines. Increased blood levels of both drugs mayoccur if propranolol is administered with phenothiazines.
Phenothiazines block alpha-adrenergic receptors, if epinephrine is then given, unopposed betaactivity causing vasodilation and increased cardiac rate can occur. The manufacturer listsepinephrine as being contraindicated with aminopropazine.
Phenytoin metabolism may be decreased if given concurrently with phenothiazines.
Procaine activity may be enhanced by phenothiazines.

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