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The 5 most frequently asked questions about sterilization pets

The 5 most frequently asked questions about sterilization pets

Despite increased awareness and education among owners of female sterilization and castration of males, there are still many concerns and doubts about everything. Neutering not only helps prevent unwanted pet pregnancies (and thus the reduced mass of dogs in shelters waiting for adoption and protective), but the chances of developing certain types of cancer and other diseases are reduced.

1. Required is my dog have the first heat?

Las sterilization before first heat reduces the incidence of breast cancer by up to 97%. The chances of other cancers of the female reproductive system (uterus or ovaries) are removed radically, and the dreaded uterine infection or pyometra very typical in older females. Even after the first heat sterilization will be beneficial, so that regardless of the age of the animal, it is important to sterilize to prevent health problems and unwanted litters.

2. Before sterilizing, should have a litter?

Sterilization dog

Only this approach reveals a great selfishness on the part of the owners, and which are not measured cross side effects: millions of unwanted puppies are euthanized each year. Even on those occasions when owners find homes willing to adopt, we must ask: are well catered for the rest of their lives?

3. Did obese and lazy again?

We know that spaying and neutering alters levels of certain hormones, but this condition does not condemn the animal to obesity. Foods rich rewards and prizes in calories, combined with the lack of underwriting year are the main factors that lead to obesity in pets, just like humans. It is important to establish daily routines underwriting year (walking, playing fetch, agility) in order to keep them at their optimum weight. When in doubt, see the vet what is the ideal food for your pet.

4. My dog no longer is good watcher?

Sterilization cat

Dogs are animal protectors of their family and territory nature. Although intact males tend to be more "territorial", this concept refers to urine marking and aggression. Castration reduces the impulses of wandering and fighting. Provide a calm environment for your pet, take care of your health and proper education will be most beneficial to have a happy pet that will fit your family's needs, and in turn, good watcher.

5. Expensive is sterilization?

There are currently a variety of deals and very affordable sterilization programs, including veterinary associations that offer special packages and discounts. Some even do so without charge and protective shelters. Every penny spent on sterilization will be a big savings over the costs involved health problems, unwanted litters and dropouts.


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