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Prevent Dog Health Problems

Part of the Family

If you are anything like me, your pet is part of your family and is just as important as any person. Just like you would take care of your children and watch out for warning signs of illness, the same should be true for your dog!

All Kinds of Worms

Heartworms, and tapeworms, and roundworms, oh my! There are so many different types of internal parasites that your dog can contract. Luckily the most common are not very harmful, but watch out. Soon a small problem can grow and cause more serious health problems. Know the signs to watch for.

Itch and Scratch

It??™s kind of a stereotype that all dogs have fleas. This isn??™t true. If your dog is healthy and clean, his chances of contracting fleas are small. However, they can spread easily and are very uncomfortable, so make sure you treat them as soon as possible.

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

A lot can cause canine ear infections, making them very common and completely unpleasant for your dog. Just like with humans, the symptoms are painful and unpleasant. You should always take your dog to a vet to be treated, especially as it can progress if not dealt with soon.

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