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Chemistry - Propionibacterium acnes injection is an immunostimulant agent, containing nonviable
Propionibacterium acnes suspended in 12.5% ethanol in saline.

Storage, Stability, Compatibility

Store refrigerated; do not freeze. Shake well before using.


A non-specific immunostimulant, Propionibacterium acnes injection may inducemacrophage activation, and lymphokine production, increase natural killer cel activity and enhancecell-mediated immunity.Uses, Indications - The manufacturer's label notes the product (Immunoregulin®) "is indicated inthe dog as adjunct to antibiotic therapy in the treatment of chronic recurring canine pyoderma todecrease the severity and extent of lesions and increase the percentage of dogs free of lesions afterthe appropriate therapeutic period.
Additional y, it has been used as an immunostimulant for the adjunctive treatment of felinerhinotracheitis and feline leukemia virus-induced disease. In dogs, it may be of use in the adjunctivetreatment of oral melanoma and mastocytoma. Unfortunately, controlled studies documenting itsefficacy are difficult to discern for these potential indications.


No information noted.

Contraindications, Precautions, Reproductive Safety

Propionibacterium acnes injection iscontraindicated in patients hypersensitive to it. It should be used with caution in patients withcardiac dysfunction. Safe use during pregnancy has not been established.

Adverse Effects, Warnings

Occasionally within hours after injection, lethargy, increased bodytemperature, chills, and anorexia may be noted. Anaphylactic reactions have also been reported.
Extravasation may cause local tissue inflammation. Long term toxicity studies have demonstratedvomiting, anorexia, malaise, fever, acidosis, increased water consumption and hepatitis.

Overdosage, Acute Toxicity

No overdosage information noted; the manufacturer states that theantidote is epinephrine, presumably for the treatment of anaphylactic reactions.

Drug Interactions

The manufacturer states that the immunostimulant effects may be compromised if given concomitantly with glucocorticoids or other immune suppressing drugs; manufacturer recommends discontinuing steroids at least 7 days prior to initiating therapy.

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