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All information about dog crates and cages. What do you need to know?

All information about dog crates and cages. What do you need to know?
Many people argue about how useful dog cages and crates really are. Pet owners sometimes don't see the point of these things, and some are even adamantly against them. Some of them say as if such cages can somehow wiggle on your pet's mental health. How right can they be? It all depends on some factors.

The truth is, if you don't know how to handle these things properly, your pet may actually experience some problems. It is important to first learn the method that you decide to put into action, and then no danger will befall your dog. If used correctly, the remedies will not only not threaten your dog's mental health, but they can also protect him from some physical trauma.

Let's try to deal with the three most important questions. How to use dog cages and crates properly, how to train your dog to use them, and where to find the best products for your dog.

The proper use of dog crates

The first thing you definitely need to figure out is the proper use of dog crates and cages. Still, they should not become torture for your pet. Cages have a pretty clear meaning - a cage is supposed to protect your pet and give them peace of mind. But you can only do that if you use it correctly. 

Crates can serve you well if you need to leave your pet home alone for just a short period of time - a few hours, for example. It's bad enough for a dog to be left alone in the house. Dogs are active animals and you can never predict what they will decide to do while you are away. So if you don't want him to harm himself or your home, learn how to use a dog crate. 

The point of using cages is basically quite similar to crates. But mostly they are used to keep your pet safe while you are traveling with him, but for some reason you can't always keep track of his actions. A cage will give you the added peace of mind that your pooch will always be okay during your vacation.

How to get your pet accustomed to cages and crates

I hope you've realized how useful these devices can be, and now you have the question: how do you get your pet used to them? You have to be really careful here, because if you do something wrong, your dog's mental health could suffer. To reduce this risk - get involved in training your pet. The hardest part is getting your dog used to the cage. Most importantly, don't leave him cooped up for too long and then you should be fine.

There are 3 basic steps that are present in the right way to train your dog. If you follow them, you should succeed. But be careful, it may take quite a long time to train your dog. Take as much time as you need, don't force the issue. Here are these 3 steps:
  • Pet must be interested in the crate and go into it on his own.
  • Communicate with him, stay close and help him feel more comfortable.
  • Let him spend a little time inside at first, and then increase this period.
It is important that you do not put him in the crate by force during training. Just leave water and food in the cage first, perhaps he will climb inside on his own and even feel comfortable there. After that, close the cage. Now let's move on to the second step, it is important to do it correctly. While your pet is cooped up, you need to interact with him. He shouldn't feel like he's being punished for anything while he's locked up. After he feels normal and is used to it, you can leave him alone for a while. This time can gradually increase. After your dog gets used to the crates, you no longer need to spend time training him. The main thing is not to forget that the period should not be too long.

Now let's deal with the last point, which is as important as the other two. Where do we find the best cage or crate for our dog? First of all, you need to decide on the size. The cage should be spacious enough, the dog should not feel cramped.

Only after you have decided on the size, start thinking about the price and the quality. Find a good store on the internet - there will be quite a lot of interesting options that you may like. 

First, look for all the stores that are located in your city. It is important to be able to tell the difference between a good store and a bad one. Spend time researching reviews. Perhaps. your friend or relative can recommend something to you. After that, buy a cage, and start training your pet!

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