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a) As a single injection (25% of the calculated dose every 30 seconds until desired effect):
For healthy, unpremedicated animal: 6 mg/kg IV
For healthy, premedicated animal: After tranquilizer (e.g., acepromazine) = 4 mg/kg IV;
After sedative (e.g., xylazine, opioids) = 3 mg/kg IV
As a constant infusion:
For sedation only: 0.1 mg/kg/minute
For minor surgery: 0.6 mg/kg/min, or 1 ml (10 mg) per minute per 12-25 kg of body weight (Robinson, Sanderson et al. 1993)
b) 4 - 8 mg/kg IV (Hubbell 1994)
c) 6 mg/kg IV; in healthy animals 25% of the calculated dose is administered every 30seconds until intubation is possible. After induction, duration of anesthesia is only 2.5 - 9.4 minutes. Maintenance anesthesia obtained using either inhalational agents or acontinuous infusion of propofol at approximately 0.4 mg/kg/minute. If anesthesia appears inadequate, a small bolus of 1 mg/kg followed by an increase in the infusion rateby 25%. If infusion is too deep, discontinue infusion until suitable anesthesia level isachieved. An infusion dose of 0.1 mg/kg/min appears to be suitable dose for sedation inthe dog. (Ilkiw 1992)
d) As an induction agent for halothane or isoflurane anesthesia: 6.6 mg/kg IV given over60 seconds to unpredmedicated dogs. Best achieved by early intubation and administration of the inhalant following propofol induction. (Bufalari, Miller et al. 1998)
Monitoring Parameters - 1) Level of anesthesia/CNS effects; 2) Respiratory depression;
3) Cardiovascular status (cardiac rate/rhythm; blood pressure)
Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status/Withholding Times - Veterinary-Approved Products:
Propofol Injectable 10 mg/ml in 20 ml (single use) amps & vials; Rapinovet® (Schering);
PropoFlo® (Abbott) (Rx). Approved for use in dogs.

Human-Approved Products:

Propofol Injection 10 mg/ml in 20 ml ampules and 50 & 100 ml vials for infusion; Diprivan®(Zeneca); (Rx)

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