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VCA Old Town Animal Hospital

VCA Old Town Animal Hospital
Address: 425 North Henry Street Alexandria, VA 22314 United States
State: Virginia County: Alexandria (city) City: Alexandria
Phone: 1-703-549-3647 Fax: 1-703-549-0992 Site:

VCA Old Town Animal Hospital with 4 Vets located in Alexandria, VA: AAHA-accredited, Board Certified doctors & hospital provide the finest care for your pet.

Welcome to VCA Old Town Animal Hospital, where your pet's health is our top priority and excellent customer service is our goal! Our veteriniarians are committed to listening to you about your pet's needs—after all, you know them best. Our whole team is waiting to assure you that you are receiving the best preventative care and treatments available. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Mon-Thu 7:30AM - 7:30PM
  • Fri 7:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Sat 8:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Sun Closed

List Of Veterinarians working in VCA Old Town Animal Hospital in Alexandria, VA:

  • Dr. Laura J. MacLean, DVM
  • Dr. Aurelie Pohl, DVM
  • Dr. Alexandra Reed, DVM
  • Dr. Tannia Clark, DVM

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