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Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital

Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital
Address: 531 N. Armistead Ave Hampton, VA 23669 United States
Post: 23669
State: Virginia
County: Hampton (city)
City: Hampton
Fax: 1.757.728.2597

Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Hampton, VA with 4 Vets: AAHA-accredited, Board Certified doctors & hospital provide the finest care for your pet.


Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital offers an assortment of services to our customers, ranging from dentistry, medicine and surgery to short and long-term boarding. On this page we will attempt to provide you with more information on the details of our services.

Armistead Animal Inn
Need a place where you can leave your faithful companion while you take that important business trip or well-deserved vacation? Armistead Animal Inn is a state-of-the-art pet boarding resort facility. We promise you that our experienced, caring, and responsible staff will do everything to pamper your pet while you’re away. We also offer an assortment of pet supplies for your convenience. Give us a ring or stop in to say hello!

Making your pet smile — and giving a little love and attention — is just as important as providing nutritious food. Surprisingly, dental care may do more than stave off bad breath — it may add years to your pet’s life. Approximately 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS). Along with a dental exam and a dental cleaning (if needed) by a veterinarian, regular brushing and a healthful diet can prevent or reverse gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can cause pain and discomfort to your pet. Imagine if your own gums became so sore that you could not chew your food! Millions of household pets suffer simply because their owners do not realize the importance of routine pet dental care. Gum disease can also put your loved one at increased risk for heart disease and other serious illnesses and diseases. Seem far-fetched? Well, it shouldn’t, because just as in humans, bacteria from the gums can migrate into the bloodstream and infect the heart, liver, lungs, or kidneys.

Medicine & Surgery
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Wellness Examinations
Regular wellness exams allow your veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s general health and become aware of any health problems before they become serious illnesses. Since your pet cannot vocalize their feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health. Your veterinarian may also wish to perform diagnostic tests, including blood tests and/or x-rays, to evaluate your pet’s health. Routine blood testing, urinalysis (urine testing) and other tests are recommended for all pets in their “senior years.” Your veterinarian may recommend routine blood testing and urinalysis for younger pets to establish baseline values, which can be used for comparison as pets age.

In-House Lab
Our in house lab is a fundamental component of our operation. Tests on blood, urine, stool, or tissue are often critical for determining either illness or health. Sulphur Springs Vet Clinic’s full service, in-house lab allows us to make quicker diagnosis because we can get results quickly rather than sending samples to another lab then waiting for processing and reports. Our complete in-house laboratory means quicker treatment for your pet and faster more efficient monitoring.

Pre-surgical blood analysis provides an extra measure of safety. We use laboratory tests to check organ function and determine the best way to prepare each animal for surgery.

Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital’s doctors and staff are dedicated to providing accurate and prompt results with personalized service for the health and welfare of your best friend.

List Of Veterinarians working in Armistead Avenue Veterinary Hospital in Hampton, VA:

  • Dr. Beverly Silkey, DVM.
  • Dr. Michael Silkey, DVM.
  • Dr. Vera Adams, DVM.
  • Dr. Linda Bruce, DVM.

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